June 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Firstly, very well done on completing 1st Year.  You have done very well to settle in, make new friends and get used to life in secondary school. The challenges of classroom based assessments and more complex school work lies ahead. But you are well able, and ready, of this I have no doubt! Your Year Head has been very complimentary about you. 

Elsewhere in this section you will find all relevant information for the new school year. 


  • Code of Behaviour and our policy statements on Anti-Bullying and ICT Acceptable Use Policy The Board of Management requests that all parents discuss the key points raised in our ‘Code of Behaviour’ / ‘Anti-bullying‘ policies with your children and retain them for reference. As is our practice, parents and pupils will sign a school ‘Code of Behaviour’ agreement form at the commencement of the new academic year, which will include a list of banned items.
  • General school information – please give particular attention to our policy on mobile phones and electronic devices
  • Booklist can be viewed on the 2nd Year Back to school page
  • Uniform details We would urge all students to pay careful attention to our school rule regarding uniform as we will be expecting it to be maintained to a very high standard in the next academic year. “Students are required to wear the official school uniform and footwear on all school days.“
  • Schedule for return to school in August will be available on the 2nd Year back to school page. 

Yours sincerely,

Paul Burke,
Principal & Secretary to the Board of Management