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Health Promotion

From cookery demonstrations to food pyramid challenges and healthy eating tasks to anti-bullying promotions, health week 2009 was a great success in promoting healthy attitudes and lifestyles among the school community at CCS. Free samples of smoothies and soup were available at lunchtime throughout the week to encourage healthy eating. The school has now developed a health policy and the project is lead by Ms.D. O’Keefe and Ms. J. Godsell. Well done to all involved.

Healthy Eating Policy

Carrigaline Community School, Cork

Policy Statement:

  • · This policy is to be implemented during the school year 2009/2010
  • · The policy is to be applied across the whole school community of C.C.S.

incorporating students, staff and parents

School Ethos:

By working to promote the health of students we are contributing toward the provision of

a healthy learning environment. The various issues of health will form part of an

expansive curriculum which caters for the diverse needs of the school community.

School Mission Statement:

This policy will further aim to promote the holistic development of students in a caring

environment (In accordance with the mission statement of C.C.S.).

Code of Behaviour:

In keeping with the main message of C.C.S.’s Code of Behaviour “Respect for Self,

Others and Property” the healthy eating policy will serve to further promote this point.

School Motto:

Together We Achieve

This may also be enhanced by a healthy eating policy statement.


“Adolescence is a time when the physiological need for nutrients and the consumption of

a diet of high nutritional quality is particularly important” JT Dwyer, Childhood, Youth

and Old Age, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 1993

“A balanced and appropriate diet during childhood and adolescence is likely to reduce

the risk of both immediate and long term health problems” Diet, Nutrition and the

Prevention of Chronic Disease, WHO, 2003

For people to achieve their full potential it is essential that they eat healthily. The

encouragement of healthy eating practices from a young age will help to provide a basis

for lifelong health and wellbeing.

Recent surveys carried out in C.C.S. have highlighted problem areas regarding healthy

eating. These include habits of skipping breakfast, eating a wide range of junk and

convenience foods and foods high in fat, sugar and salts.

  • · 38% of students rate their school day eating habits as unhealthy with 36% of

students going to the local shop or take away to purchase their lunch.

  • · 76% of parents admitted to not being aware of their childs eating habits while at


  • · Questionnaire results show that there is a high level of support from parents with

regards improving healthy eating issues. 82% of parents said they would support a

Healthy Eating Policy.

  • · 93% of staff at C.C.S. concur with the parents view of a need for a Healthy Eating

Policy within the school.

Healthy Eating Committee – Carrigaline Community School.

Ø Staff Representatives: Deirdre O’Keeffe (Home Economics teacher)

Jennifer Godsell (Biology teacher)

Ø Student Council Representatives: Clodagh Harrington

Jessica McCarthy

Ø Parent Council Representatives: Noreen Kelleher

Karen O’Sullivan

Ø School Canteen Representative: Cristine O’Hare.


This Healthy Eating Policy aims to achieve the following:

1) To promote the importance of Healthy Eating throughout the entire community

of Carrigaline Community School.

2) To actively encourage the practice of Healthy Eating habits within the school.

3) To increase awareness of Healthy Food Choices and the impact that food has on

general health amongst the students, staff and parents of the school community.

4) To foster positive attitudes towards healthy food choices with a view to setting

the foundations for lifelong healthy food choices and practices.

Objectives (Short Term):

1) To frequently remind students of the Importance of Healthy Eating through poster

displays, up to date information leaflets and by placing an article in the Sketch

(School Magazine).

2) To focus on Healthy Eating Issues, and to highlight these by organising a “Health

Week” each school year.

3) To regularly assess the sale of snack foods in the school canteen and to try out

different healthy food options with the student population.

4) To carry out surveys on a regular basis, to investigate the needs of the students in

relation to Healthy Eating.

5) To generate interest and to encourage students to further their knowledge of

Healthy Eating by organising frequent competitions related to the issue.

Objectives (Long Term):

1) To improve on the Canteen facilities for the students in C.C.S. with particular

emphasis on the seating area in the Cafeteria at lunchtime.

2) To provide more variety and choice in the range of Healthy Food options

available in the school Canteen and Vending Machines.

3) To liase with local shops, supermarkets and garages with a view to promoting

more healthy lunch options and providing possible Healthy “Meal Deals” for the

students of C.C.S.

4) To assess the range of snack foods and drinks on sale in the Vending Machines

and to increase the range of Healthy options within these.

5) To improve on the food preparation/storage area for staff within the staff room,

particularly in terms of layout and facilities available.

Action Plan

This plan outlines the actions that will be taken to support Healthy Eating in C.C.S. and

was drawn up in consultation with Senior Management:

Whole school Context:


Action: Provide up to date information on Healthy Eating.

How: Poster Displays and information leaflets Who: T.Y Students

Article in each edition of the Sketch Magazine. T.Y Students

Timeframe: New Poster Displays, leaflets and article to be drawn up each term.


Action: Particular Focus on Health Issues over a set period of time within the school.

How: Organise a Health Week involving Seminars, outside guest speakers, Cookery

Demonstrations, Health Challenges/Competitions etc..

Who: The H.P.S Committee Members.

Timeframe: One Health Week to be organised per school year preferably in Term 1.


Action: To assess the sale of snack foods in the school canteen

How: By analysing sales figures and by trying out different options of healthy

foods/drinks over a phased basis and evaluate the popularity of these new items regularly.

Who: The Staff Representatives on the Healthy Eating Committee in consultation with

Cristine (Canteen Representative).

Timeframe: This action will be carried out on a regular basis during each term in the

school year.


Action: To carry out surveys on student’s knowledge of and attitudes to Healthy Eating

to highlight problem areas and important issues within C.C.S.

How & Who: The teachers of Food Studies and Science to Transition Yr with the help

of T.Y students or the Students Council to devise, administer and analyse the surveys.

Timeframe: This well be a yearlong

process with 1 major survey to be completed each



Action: To generate interest and to further students knowledge of issues related to

Healthy Eating.

How: Organise Competitions on Health and Food/Dietary Matters, in particular “Design

a poster or information leaflet” competitions.

Who: The Healthy Eating/ H.P.S. Committee with the help of T.Y Students in Science

& Food Studies and / or the Student’s Council.

Timeframe: These will be organised in particular in the run up to Health Week with one

major competition throughout the other school terms.


Action: To increase students’ access to information regarding Health/ Healthy Eating.

How: (a) By requesting a notice board specifically to display H.P.S. related issues and

up to date information on Health, School Competitions, Survey results etc..

(b) By requesting a section on the School Website be dedicated to Health Promoting

School issues and this section to be regularly updated.

Who: The Staff Representatives of the Healthy Eating / H.P.S. Committee will start the

process of setting up these initiatives and the Student Representatives of the Healthy

Eating Committee will be responsible for updating the noticeboard and website along

with the relevant I.T. Staff.

Timeframe: It is hoped to get these areas set up in Term 1 of the school year 2009/2010

with a view to updating them when necessary each term.


Action: To Contact local food businesses (shops/supermarkets/garages) that supply

student lunches and liase with them to promote healthy lunch deals.

How: Arrange meetings with the management of the relevant businesses and discuss

what the options are for organising such lunchtime deals.

Who: The Staff Representatives of the Healthy Eating / H.P.S. Committee.

Timeframe: This process will take place over the school year 2009/2010.


Action: to reassess the value of the Vending Machines and their need within the school.

How: through the use of surveys and sales figures with the possibility of restocking the

machines with more variety of healthy food and drink items.

Who: The Staff Representatives of the Healthy Eating / H.P.S. Committee.

Timeframe: This action will take place over the school year 2009/2010.


Action: To liase with Management and discuss the layout and facilities in the staffroom

in relation to the Food Preparation and Storage area.

How: Organise meetings with the principal and vice principal and highlight the problem

areas mentioned by staff in recent healthy eating surveys.

Who: The Staff Representatives of the Healthy Eating Committee.

Timeframe: It is hoped to set up the relevant meetings in Term 1 of the school year


Teaching & Learning:


Action: To adopt a cross curricular approach to educate about different aspects of Health

& Healthy Eating in C.C.S.

How: By setting up a means of Communication between the relevant subject teachers

involved. This will be achieved through regular meetings of the H.P.S. Committee.

Who: Teachers of Home Economics, Biology/Science, S.P.H.E and P.E. and their

representatives on the H.P.S Committee.

Timeframe: Meetings will be planned as the need arises throughout each term of the

school year.