Our school day begins at 9am each day and ends at 4pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and at 1.15pm on Wednesdays. Students are expected to be in school by 8.50am ahead of morning assembly.

Breaks are from 11am to 11.15am and from 1.15pm to 2pm.

We seek the support of all parents/guardians with regard to the following issues.

Health Issues/Allergies
We seek to provide a healthy and safe environment for all our school community. In this context, we request that students do not, at any stage, bring nut-based products to school. This request is made because of serious nut allergies amongst some students. Please note that kiwi fruit are also banned from the school due to serious allergy issues.
The health and safety of our students is paramount. We ask that parents of students with any chronic health conditions contact the school office and complete an updated “Health Form” and return to their Year Head. A new form must be completed every year. Parents/Guardians have a responsibility to inform the school of any changes during the school year.

Visiting the School
All visitors (including parents/guardians) must report to the school office via the main entrance only.

Contacting Children during the School Day
If there is an urgent need to contact your child during the school day, please do so through the main school office at 021-4372300. We would ask parents not to contact children via mobile phone during school hours as the use of such devices is prohibited (see below). If your child needs to contact you, this can be done through Year Heads, Deputy Principals or the main school office.

Mobile Phones/Other Items of Technology
As per our Code of Behaviour, the use of mobile phones and portable electronic devices is prohibited and they must be out of sight and powered off from the time a pupil enters the school grounds/building in the morning until the pupil leaves the school grounds/building in the afternoon after school ends. We recommend that such items should not be brought to school. Use of the above items on the school grounds will result in confiscation. Confiscated items may be collected at the end of the school day by a parent or guardian. Further sanctions will apply in the event of repeated breaches of this rule.

Leaving the School During the School Day
We strongly discourage students from leaving school during the school day for appointments etc. due to the negative impact on learning. Where such appointments are strictly necessary, a note should be supplied to the Year Head via the student journal before morning assembly (8.50am) and the student will be required to sign out at the main office on leaving the school. We would very much appreciate your co-operation in keeping such absences to a minimum.

Students Arriving Late to School
Students arriving late to school must sign in at the main office and then go straight to class. Notes of explanation should be presented to the Year Head at the earliest opportunity.

Absence Text
If your child is absent from school, you may receive the following text message during the day: “[Child’s name] was absent for 9am roll call today. If you are unaware please contact the office. A note is required to explain all absences. Thank you.”
If you receive this message and believe that your child is in school, please contact the school to clarify. Otherwise, your child should present an explanatory note to the Year Head via the student journal on return to school.
NB: Absence messages are not sent every day and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children are in school.

Holidays during School Term
We would very much appreciate your co-operation in not arranging holidays during term-time, as such absences may have a significant negative impact on your child’s educational experience.

Code of Behaviour: Points to Note
Reminder in relation to the following aspects of our school’s Code of Behaviour:
Hair: Students should have a neat, tidy, and natural looking hairstyle. Extremes of hairstyle and/or colour are not permitted (if uncertain please check in advance with the Principal/Deputy Principal).
Facial Piercings: The wearing of facial jewellery, for example eye-brow, tongue or nose piercings is not permitted. If such piercings are worn to school, they will be confiscated and sanctions applied. Students considering getting piercings during the summer should ensure that they can be safely removed ahead of the return to school.

Respect for Our Neighbours
Our school Code of Behaviour states that “the good behaviour of our students is expected going to and from school. We demand respectful behaviour towards all our neighbours, especially in Waterpark, St. Philomena’s and the Old Railway areas.”
We appreciate your co-operation in reminding your children of the necessity for respectful behaviour at all times.
Student parking is not permitted within school grounds, and students should not park cars in the Highbury Drive area, where they may interfere with the access of our neighbours to their homes, or with the access of emergency services to the area.

If in Doubt
If you have any queries in relation to school procedures at any time, please contact your child’s Year Head, the Deputy Principals or the main school office on 021-4372300.

Thank you for your support. Together we achieve.