French Exchange 

CCS has a long-standing relationship with Lycée Saint Martin, Rennes, with an exchange taking place each year. Transition Year and 5th Year students from CCS visited Rennes, accompanied this year by Mr. Troy and Mr. Murphy and a group of students from Lycée Saint Martin, accompanied by their teachers, came to CCS in early 2017. The students stayed with their host families and took part in a variety of trips and activities. They also attended school during their stay.

German Exchange

The visit to Gymnasium Norf usually takes place in February in the lead up to the beginning of Lent. In the Rhineland there is something special about the pre-Lent celebration of Karneval. On the exchange the students have attended school and visited places of interest, including Cologne cathedral and the telecom tower in Dusseldorf.

American Exchange

CCS has a long established exchange programme with Fairport High in the U.S. The past 11 years have seen almost 400 students and more than 30 teachers experience the culture of an American High School first-hand. The students also get to visit Niagara Falls as well as New York.