Carrigaline Community School Code of Behaviour

Carrigaline Community School strives to create as school climate which facilitates teaching and learning for all in a well-ordered environment. The basic principle which underpins our Code of Behaviour is that of RESPECT. This respect is to be shown towards self, others and property.


Carrigaline Community School provides a comprehensive post-primary education for all children of the local community, including those with special educational needs. Admission takes place within the context of the school admissions policy approved by the Board of Management.

Remember – Respect for Self, Others and Property 

The school believes in positive affirmation of students. This happens formally through the Principal’s Awards, by public affirmation of students through newsletters, announcements at assemblies etc., and informally by subject teachers and other school personnel.  In order to support effective learning, the following school rules have been designed in consultation with staff, parents and pupils. They have been approved by the Board of Management.

School Rules

  1. Pupils must show respect and courtesy to fellow pupils, members of staff and the general public at all times. Pupils must accept the authority of teachers in school, within the school environs and when participating in out-of-school activities and trips.
  2. All pupils must adhere to the “Overnight Trips: Rules and Expectations” policy as approved by the Board of Management. All school rules apply in full to overnight trips.
  3. Pupils must attend on all school days in accordance with the Education Welfare Act (2000). Pupils who are absent must provide a satisfactory written explanation from a parent or guardian to the Year Head on return to school.
  4. Pupils must be on time for school and all classes. Pupils are required to be in their assembly area at 8.50am and 1.50pm. Pupils must adhere to any changes in relation to attendance that may occur during the school year.
  5. No pupils should be in the school grounds after school hours, except under the supervision of a member of staff.
  6. Pupils must co-operate fully in class.
  • All work assigned by a teacher, including homework, must be complete in full and to the best of the student’s ability.
  • Pupils must ensure that they bring all necessary class materials, including the official school homework journal to all classes.
  • All homework must be recorded in this journal, which must be kept in a condition acceptable to the school authorities.
  1. Pupils may not leave the school during the school day without permission from the Principal, a Deputy Principal or a Year Head.
  • Pupils may not leave the school grounds at morning break
  • Pupils must observe current school practice of signing in and out in respect of late arrival and early departure.
  • If a pupil arrives late, a note of explanation must be presented to the Year Head. If a pupil must leave school early, a note must be presented in advance to the Year Head.
  1. Pupils are required to wear the official school uniform and footwear on all school days. Students should have a neat, tidy and natural looking hairstyle. Extremes of hairstyle and/or colour are not permitted (if uncertain please check in advance with the Principal/Deputy Principal). The wearing of facial jewellery, for example eye-brow, tongue or nose piercings (with the exception of one stud in the lower lobe of the ear) is not permitted. Students must comply with health and safety regulations at all times.
  2. All mobile phones must be switched off on entry to the school grounds. The use of smartphones is not permitted during the school day except when planned for use in class with teacher permission for learning and assessment. You may not photograph or record in school without your teacher’s permission. Pupils are only allowed to use personal internet enabled devices on trips and during extra curricular activities with expressed permission from the supervising teacher. The use of a mobile phone on the school grounds without express permission will result in confiscation. Confiscated items may be collected at the end of the school day by a parent or guardian. Further sanctions will apply in the event of repeated breaches of this rule.
  3. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the school building, the grounds and the school environs in accordance with State legislation. Smoking in school uniform is forbidden. Banned items and substances, as defined by the Board of Management, are notified to parents and students and are not allowed.
  4. Pupils must not intimidate, harass or bully others. Violent behaviour will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate cyber-bullying of any type. Please refer to our Anti-Bullying Policy.
  5. Circulating, publishing or distributing (including via electronic media) material associated with school, including material relating to staff and students where such circulation undermines, humiliates or causes damage to another person is considered a serious breach of school discipline and will result in disciplinary action.
  6. Pupils must not interfere with, remove or damage school property or the property of others.
  7. Pupils are expected to co-operate with all staff in keeping the school clean and tidy. Dropping litter at any time is not acceptable. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  8. Sexting is the sharing of sexual text, video and photographic content using mobile phone, apps, social networking services and other internet technologies. The sharing of explicit text, images and/or video is an unacceptable and absolutely prohibited behaviour and will have serious consequences and sanctions for those involved, in accordance with the school’s Code of Behaviour.

Please note that:

  • All incidents involving creating, storing or sharing of explicit text, images and/or video of children under the age of 17 years will be reported as an incident to the Gardaí and Túsla and the State Claims Agency (to the latter as there is the potential to cause injury/harm to the individual).
  • Sharing of explicit text, images and/or videos of pupils in the school will incur serious sanctions including suspension and up to expulsion as determined by the Board of Management.
  • Members of staff of Carrigaline Community School are committed, in a professional capacity, to working to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. Students are asked to respect the boundaries between the professional and personal aspects of staff members’ lives. Students should not comment on, or make reference to, a member of staff on social media sites or other social fora. Students should not circulate or publish, through ICT or other means, material recorded without consent that may undermine, or cause damage to, the professional or personal reputation of another person.
    Any breach of these rules will lead to sanctions.
    The student concerned may be liable for expulsion.

Carrigaline Community School reserves the right to amend the rules outlined above as appropriate.

Remember:  The good behaviour of our students is expected going to and from school. We demand respectful behaviour towards all our neighbours, especially in Waterpark, St. Philomena’s and the Old Railway areas.

In the event of breaches of school discipline, Carrigaline Community School may impose the following sanctions:


  • Reasoning with pupil
  • Verbal reprimand
  • Assignment of additional work
  • Note in journal
  • Confiscation
  • Removal of privileges
  • Detention by teacher
  • Formal detention by Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal
  • Monitoring Card/Report Card – monitoring progress for a period of time as decided by the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal
  • Internal exclusion from classes
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion


Bullying of any nature is not tolerated in our school; we respect others at all times. Please read our policy on bullying for further guidance.

Suspensions and Expulsions

The Principal shall, after investigation, suspend pupils for a serious breach or breaches of the school Code of Behaviour.

In exceptional circumstances, the Principal shall recommend to the Board of Management that a student be expelled for a serious breach or breaches of the school Code of Behaviour. Pupils and/or their parents have the right of appeal afforded to them in all instances of suspension and exclusion or expulsion. Such appeals shall be made in writing to the Board of Management within the context of the Education Act (1998), the Education Welfare Act (2000) and according to DoES guidelines which pertain at the time.

Principal’s Awards

We at Carrigaline Community School value positive behaviour and encourage all students to give of their individual best.

In order to affirm such positive behaviour, a reward system known as the Principal’s Awards has been established. Staff members have the opportunity on an ongoing basis to nominate any student for an award, for any reason – kindness, helping others, academic/sporting achievement, etc. Twice a year, nominees assemble in the school, and award winners are presented with either a silver or gold (summer only) certificate by the Principal. All nominations are filed in the student files, and award winners are recorded on a database and a roll of honour.

Our core mission of providing a quality learning environment for all is enhanced by the presence of the Principal’s Awards system.