Margo Noonan – Consent and Relationships – A talk for Second Years.

Margo Noonan – Talk being given to 2nd Years around the area of consent.

I am currently working in the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) based in Cork city. I am a registered nurse since 2000 and work as a Advanced Nurse Practitioner in sexual assault forensic examination.  I am a member of the team with responsibility for the development of the updated fourth edition of the Irish National Sexual Assault Response Team Guidelines. This document guides the care of all victims of sexual assault in Ireland. I have presented nationally and internationally on the topic of sexual assault and services in Ireland. I am a lecturer for the topic of sexual assault and rape for Irish law enforcement and third level institutions. I am a member of the board of CYPSC where I am a representative for young people affected by DGSBV. I have been appointed as an Honorary Teaching Associate with the Faculty of Nursing in the University of Health and Medicine, Royal college of Surgeons, Ireland and am a Fellow of the Faculty of Nursing in the RCSI. I have recently completed a research project exploring the rape myth acceptance of adolescent males and the impact of the ASSUME program on this rape myth acceptance.

  •  The SATU is a dedicated unit where clients who have experienced Rape or sexual assault can be examined and treated in a holistic way. The unit provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated forensic and medical aftercare service to both males and females of 14 years and upwards, who have experienced rape or sexual assault.
  • My clinical expertise focuses on caring for the acute and long term physical, social and psychological needs of victims of sexual assault. Throughout my time here in the unit I have been privileged that people have shared their stories with me about their experience. From this I have been able to develop and deliver education to young people about sexual assault and consent based on the issues that pertain directly to their everyday life. Through these interactive information sessions I aim to enable these young people to develop the knowledge and skills to positively deal with these situations when they encounter them.
  • Classes/Talks include definition of consent and applying it to real life with anonymised real life case studies, busting myths and fears about sexual assault and rape, the law around sexual violence including the laws pertaining to social media and how it applies to young men/ women and developing skills to deal with the situations that they may encounter.