End of year arrangements

May 15th 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we approach the end of the school year I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support throughout the school year but particularly since the school building was forced to close on 12th March. Staff, students and their families have been tested in many ways over the past number of months and I am very proud of how our school community has responded to the crisis.

 I would like to update you on our plans for the end of the term.

  • It has been decided that our students will not be sitting formal exams as we feel this would put undue stress on them at the end of a most unusual school term. You will receive a Summer Report via your VSware account which will be of the form of comments from teachers based on the work throughout the year – before and after 12th March.
  • While all tuition will finish for students by Friday 22nd May, some subjects may finish earlier the same week depending on the arrangements made between the teacher and the class. You may be aware that teachers have been asked by the Department of Education and Skills to generate grades for their 3rd Year Junior Cycle groups and to provide a percentage mark for their Leaving Certificate groups as part of the Department’s response to the cancellation of the State Examinations for 2020. Teachers have been asked to complete this work by 29th May. As a result of this Government deadline teachers will use the week starting 25th May to work through this onerous task.
  • We are currently prohibited from opening the school for access to students. As a result, we will not be in a position to ask/allow for lockers to be cleared until this changes at national level. We will contact you when we are given permission to allow access to the lockers.

Have a good weekend and please stay safe.

Kind regards,

Paul Burke