Junior Cert 2020 Assessment arrangements at CCS

May 5th 2020

Dear Student, parent/guardian, 

As you may be aware at this stage, Minister McHugh announced on the 29th April that in 2020, the Junior Cycle learning achievement of students will be recognised through a specific form of certification designed to meet the current, exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For each student, certification will involve two elements:  

  • A State Certificate of completion of Junior Cycle from the Department of Education and Skills. Students will receive a State Certification that they have completed three years of Junior Cycle education in a number of subjects/priority learning units. This certification will be provided by the Department of Education and Skills.  
  • A School Report setting out the learning achievements of students in Junior Cycle. Students should receive a written report on the broad range of learning that they have achieved in each subject, short course and/or priority learning unit at the end of Junior Cycle. This assessment of their learning will be provided by their teachers. Schools will have autonomy in how this assessment is to be arrived at and the format in which the report is provided. 

The assessment of students’ learning achievements in each subject will take place at school level and will be based on the teacher’s professional knowledge of each student’s learning. 

In line with the Guidelines for Schools issued by the DoES on Assessment and Reporting on Students’ Learning at Junior Cycle each school should adopt a whole-school approach to the assessment and reporting on student achievement. The approach to be taken in Carrigaline Community School is that a grade will be generated by using a weighted mean based on 2nd and 3rd year results.

On reflection, the subject teacher will use their professional knowledge (informed by factors such as previous participation in class, engagement since March 12th closure, practical & project work, among others) to decide if the mark generated based on the above weightings is an accurate assessment of the students’ learning achievements in the subject throughout the Junior Cycle. In doing so Teachers will take into account the obstacles which have prevented some students engaging fully since March 12th.  In a case where the professional knowledge of the subject teacher indicates that an increase is merited, this higher grade will be awarded. If not, the base grade will remain – no student will be dropped a grade below the weighted average.

Paul Burke