Message to the School Community

April 3rd 2020

As we arrive at the Easter break in these strange times we all continue to adapt to a new reality in our home and personal lives. Covid-19 continues to have various impacts on us all.

For now, our thanks go to you all, students, staff and parents/guardians for working and adapting to the current reality we are in. We have ironed out many issues and will continue to do so to the best of our ability as the need arises and as we become more familiar with our new ways of teaching and learning.

The past number of weeks have been very trying for a lot of us in different ways. With this in mind it is extremely necessary that staff, students and parents/guardians have some time away from this pressure. We have advised our staff, following our management body guidelines, that online learning should be halted over the Easter break. While independent study by students may continue at their discretion it is important that they give themselves space to relax ahead of what will be a potentially busy and different final term to the school year.

Please continue to observe and diligently practice all guidelines being issued from the relevant authorities in relation to Covid-19. The sooner we can limit and stop this virus the sooner we can all get back to a regular routine.

Please continue to stay safe, healthy and focused. Maintain your physical fitness which will help with other areas of your life.

Any relevant updates will be sent to you via this website and text message as the need arises.

Paul Burke