CCS Ski Trip 2013

Ski Trip

In mid-term in February 2013 we went to Bregenz in Austria on our ski trip. It was six days long and was packed full of activities and fun. On the first day everyone was awful at skiing but within a few hours they got the hang of it slowly but surely. The instructors spent most the day screaming ‘’ pizza,pizza,pizza’’ when people took off not knowing how to stop.  On the first night we went bowling which was good craic. The other nights we went swimming, to a waterpark, and had 2 movie nights which we were delighted with because we were so tired from the day skiing. At lunch time each day we would meet up in a small restaurant at the top of the baby slope and get our pizza and chips.

The best part about skiing in my opinion was the rooms and the banter that would be had and wherever we went our speakers came with us; they even got named Derrick the Panda. But whenever Derrick the Panda was taking a break we had good ol’ Mr Nyhan to give us a choon or two. (or three) The only problem we had was we were all short on toilet paper so two tigers decided to go on an adventure in a lift  to get us some and came back with twenty four toilet rolls between them stuffed into their onesies. As you can imagine Ms. O’ Loughlin was NOT impressed but was very understanding about our little issue.

Overall I think the Ski Trip was definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it.