Read a Book this Summer

Letter to Parents / Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In an effort to promote reading among our students at Carrigaline Community School, we are recommending a book list for current students entering 2nd year in August ’11.

As you are aware students who read regularly have improved ability in written work.  This is of benefit to their performance in all subjects where a written element is important.  Also they are developing a worthwhile habit which will sustain them throughout life.

With the many distractions of social networking, computer games and television, young people nowadays often ignore the pleasures of reading a book. We hope that by bringing this list to the attention of your son/daughter, you may be able to encourage them to read over the summer holidays.  The local library or bookshop is also a valuable resource and will be happy to help with book choices.


The English Department

Carrigaline Community School

Recommended Reading 1st/2nd/3rd Year