CSI at CCS – Forensic Science Class

Ms Godsell’s 2nd Year Science class recently had the unique experience of taking part in a Forensic Science class at CCS. The students had great fun finding various items hidden in sand boxes, using forensic science techniques. There was wonderfull excitement in the classroom as the students checked and logged the objects they discovered and got to be forensic scientists for a morning.

The class was given by visiting educators Marge Anderson and Elena Setterfeld. Marge was formerly the education outreach coordinator for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Research & Development site in Groton, Connecticut and Advisor to the Pfizer Foundation in New York, assisting global Pfizer sites with education outreach programs. Following retirement from Pfizer, Marge started i5 Teaching Network LLC in Connecticut to provide teacher international professional development programs and local community initiatives. I5 specializes in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Arts education but is open to other disciplines. Marge was named the 2010 Irish National Science Educator of the Year, sponsored by Phamachemical Ireland.

Elena is a member of the Global Forensic Educators team. Teachers from Pfizer’s global sites have attended extensive 2-3 week training programs, sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation, at the Connecticut State Forensic Laboratories in Connecticut, USA for 10 years. Elena was one of a number of teachers selected for advanced group training and sharing during two summer retreats in Massachusetts in 2008 and 2009. These teachers were chosen because of their interest and ability to train colleagues in a workshop environment and because they are great team members who understand the importance of sharing their knowledge, to become workshop facilitators. Elena is not only a representative from UK, she one of the most creative, active, and adept member of the team. She has written a forensic science booklet for use by secondary school students.

We were privileged at CCS to welcome our 2 guests for the day and we look forward to them returning in the near future to further investigate this very important area of Science.

Below are some photos of the 2nd Year students during their forensic science class