Green Schools Initiative

Carrigaline Community School is currently running a Green Schools Programme in Transition Year with the assistance of Coordinator Ms O’ Doherty.

We hope that it will have a whole-school and community benefit.

Recycling Initiative – Tips for Staff, Students and Parents:

Waste material that can be recycled

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminium cans
  • Paper,cardboard,newsprint
  • Food tins(washed)
  • Polystyrene
  • Electrical items
  • Gas bottles
  • Used clothes
  • Flourescent tubes and light bulbs

Some of the tasks which we have carried out in September are:

  • Surveys of businesses in Carrigaline and around  the school environs to highlight the problem of litter.
  • Visting speakers – Green Schools representative Rachel Boyle and the County litter Manager have visited the  school committee and will return to class groups in the coming weeks.
  • Tidy Town’s Maura Allen, Chairperson with Carrigaline Tidy Towns, has also visited the Committee on a number of occasions and we have scheduled other visits and meetings with the Tidy Towns as part of our report.

Projects in coming weeks:

  • Litter Awareness week – November
  • Can bin for recycling cans – Mr. Nyhan
  • Bird feeders through Woodwork to attract wildlife – Mr. Nyhan

Chewing gum problem in school:

  • We hope to work with and the junior classes in the school to highlight the problem of chewing gum in the school. This will be achieved during CSPE classes as part of Concept 3.
  • Junior school visits of Chewitbinit Education Company, an actor/theatre based activity group, to combat chewing gum use in the school.

Recent Activities

Bird houses were created in Woodwork classes and there have been regular clean-ups of the school grounds.