Log on Learn @ CCS

IT or computer literacy is often an issue for Older People who may not have had the opportunity to learn how to use a computer or discover the Internet. Log On, Learn is a new nationwide initiative bringing Transition Year students and Older People together to share computer skills.
It aims to provide transition year students with marketing, teaching and social skills while giving Older People a means to learn about computers and the Internet. It gives one on one learning to make sure the pace of learning meets the needs of the Older Person.
The programme takes into account the type of technology the Older Person wants to become comfortable with from basic PC skills to booking a flight, sending an email or researching something on the Internet

Transition year students spent several weeks advertising and campaigning in Carrigaline and opened their class to 20 adults back in February. Under the guidance of their Teacher, the classes are “buzzing” each Monday as the senior citizens “go back to school”.

Log On, Learn, is sponsored by An Post in partnership with Intel and Microsoft.