Welcome to First Year at CCS!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you and your son / daughter for choosing Carrigaline Community School as you continue your educational journey into Second Level.   We look so forward to meeting you, getting to know you and introducing you to our school community.  You have become part of an organisation that believes implicitly in togetherness, fairness and respect for all. 



Please note that all schoolbooks, stationary and classroom materials are provided under the Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme 2024/2025. The booklist included in this pack is here to inform families of what will be covered by the various subjects in First Year. Families are NOT required to purchase books and materials unless purchasing replacements for lost materials later in the year. 


Fund raising 

We are excited to share with you a new initiative we are undertaking in the next school year.

We are in the process of planning and setting up a coffee dock on the school grounds, aimed at providing both refreshments and valuable work experience for some of our students. The coffee dock will sell tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages to both students and staff. This initiative is particularly special to us as it will be run by some of our Transition Year students, alongside their peers from our autism classes. This collaborative effort fosters inclusivity within our school while providing an invaluable opportunity for real-world skill development for all students. The success of this project relies not only on our school community but also on the support of our local community.

That’s why we are reaching out to you, our parents and guardians, to enquire if any of you, or your affiliated companies, may be in a position to support us? If you work for a company that has a Corporate Responsibility Fund Model or if you feel that your company may be interested in contributing to our initiative, we would be extremely grateful for your assistance. The estimated cost of this project is approximately €20,000. If you require further details or would like to discuss this opportunity in more depth, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


The school – making the move and meeting expectations – a community based on mutual respect 

  • Transition Workbook – (PLEASE CLICK)
  • The big move from Primary to Secondary School should be exciting but your child might also feel a bit nervous. It will involve a lot of changes and new experiences. This is Carrigaline Community School’s Transition Workbook and your child can use it in their primary school, at home and also in our school. It will hopefully explain a lot about Secondary School and answer some of their questions, as well as help to prepare them for all the changes. Below is a website that parents and students may find useful in preparing for the transition form primary school to secondary school: https://www.schooldays.ie/articles/Transitioning-to-Secondary-School 
  • The Board of Management requests that all parents discuss the key points raised in our ‘Code of Behaviour’ / ‘Anti-bullying‘ policies with your children and retain them for reference. As is our practice, parents and pupils will sign a school ‘Code of Behaviour’ agreement form at the commencement of the new academic year, which will include a list of banned items.
  • General school information – please give particular attention to our policy on mobile phones and electronic devices
  • Booklist can be viewed in the 1st Year Back to school page
  • Uniform details We would urge all students to pay careful attention to our school rule regarding uniform as we will be expecting it to be maintained to a very high standard in the next academic year. “Students are required to wear the official school uniform and footwear on all school days.”
  • Schedule for return to school in August is available in the 1st Year back to school page. 

Communication with home with regard to the school activities and events

You may have noticed that our home page has a new click option in our side menu entitled “Activities and Events 2024/2025. Parents, guardians and students will be able to see in advance what the school is planning in terms of trips, closures, training, tours, exams and work placements. 


Access to quality meals at lunchtime in CCS 

Carrigaline Community School is teaming up with “Food Village,” (a company specialising in quality meals for school communities in Ireland) to provide a much needed service to our students.  Meals can be ordered via a dedicated app to be downloaded and installed on the parent’s / guardian’s phone. All information pertaining to this initiative will be shared with you in August. The company’s website is www.foodvillage.ie. 

Again let me say how we are really looking forward to welcoming your child to Carrigaline Community School later this year. I wish our new First Year students every success for the new academic year and we look forward to meeting you soon.   In the meantime, enjoy the summer, take care and keep safe. 

Yours sincerely,

Paul Burke,
Principal & Secretary to the Board of Management